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3m Steel Tape Measure PRO Milestone

3m Steel Tape Measure PRO Milestone
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3m Steel Tape Measure PRO Milestone
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  • Product Code: A1-3929
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  • Brand: PRO Tools
  • Model and Size: 3m - Milestone
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3m Steel Tape Measure PRO Milestone

Width: 16mm

3m Steel Tape Measure PRO Milestone made from quality steel, class II accuracy with an ergonomic housing and a durable belt clip. Width: 16mm.


  • High belt stiffness for long overhang without supports - up to 50% of the total length of the measure,
  • Ergonomic cassette made of high quality plastic with a rubber cover,
  • Allows you to measure the length from the back of the tape housing,
  • Modern, precise ratchet brake ensures high ergonomics of work,
  • Movable, reinforced tape hook fastened with three rivets, additionally equipped with two strong magnets, makes it easier to use the measure when working on steel structures,
  • Tape measure equipped with a bumper that absorbs the impact of the tape during winding.
  • Durable metal belt clip,
  • Class II accuracy.