Why Choose Ceresit

If you are looking for a high quality render, innovative and durable, you should never settle 
for the cheapest one on the market, since high performance rarely goes hand in hand
with extremely low prices. This is why you should only opt for products that will be able
to meet your standards and completely fulfill your expectations. If you want a smooth finish
for your walls, but still an adequate protection, also a great variety of render colours and patterns
to choose from, why not choose 
Ceresit insulated renders which offer high quality at reasonable
and affordable prices. Namely, Ceresit products have been present on the market
for more than a century, always following the latest trends in the construction industry
and featuring great security and workability, which all makes Ceresit products the preferred choice.

Ceresit insulated render systems are available in more than 200 standard colours or can be mixed 
to any colour, they offer high flexibility, biological contamination resistance and moisture permeability,
all resulting in prolonged lifespan, making sure that the renders will last for decades to come.
All the renders have been carefully tested and manufactured only from resistant and durable fillers,
binders, pigments and modifying agents with the ultimate goal of retaining the optimum value
of the entire construction.

Due to the different requirements in the terms of properties and level of efficiency and resistance
to different external effects, Ceresit has developed a range of silicone, silicate, combined silicon-silicate,
acrylic and mineral renders. Most of the available renders are suitable for both external and
internal applications, due to their high moisture vapour permeability, making them unaffected
by the weather changes and mechanical stress. Thus, if you expect your wall surface to be exposed
to UV rays, high levels of moisture or atmosphere pollutants, you can choose silicon-silicate render
which will successfully protect the surface and ensure long colour stability. On the other hand,
if you want provide protection from climatic influences and mechanical stress, you can rest a sure
that acrylic renders will provide just that. Since all the renders also provide a level of thermal insulation,
they can also present the perfect component of an external wall insulation system, which especially
goes for mineral renders which can successfully be combined with either rigid insulation or mineral wool
external slabs, for improved insulation superb performance. What we would like to accentuate is that
high quality insulated renders are also cost-effective on the long run, since they will not deteriorate
nor otherwise get damaged when exposed to harsh external conditions, unlike other available products
which may be cheaper but will never be able to offer the same level protection and durability.