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Henkel had been selling wood adhesives since 1925, but the history of the Pattex brand did not start until 1956, when a real revolution in the adhesives market took place. As a result of many years of collaboration with German experts, product development specialists developed the first cold-setting contact adhesive - the name Pattex. Previously, professionals had to heat the glue before applying it, which was a dangerous and time-consuming job. Knowing about this necessity, a product was developed that could be used at room temperature, thus offering an effective, easy-to-use and safe solution.

A few years later, in 1964, Pattex Contact Adhesive was also introduced to the market in the form of 125-gram tubes, making it a permanent home for small repair jobs. The Pattex product specialists did not rest on their laurels and as early as 1972 developed the new "non-leaky" Pattex Compact contact adhesive. The visible strands of glue thus became history.

In 1977, the first specialist Pattex Wood Express glue for wood was introduced to the market, with a formula specially adapted to the needs of DIY enthusiasts. The precursor to the glue was Pattex Wood, which was introduced in 1959. Two years later, another innovation was presented - the first waterproof wood glue on the market, Pattex Wood Water-resist.

In 1981, the Pattex product range was expanded to include hot-melt glue with a gun, created especially for professionals (e.g. florists). A year later, in 1982, the first superglue cyanoacrylate was introduced to the market. It was an instant adhesive for use on small surfaces. Glue has become a breakthrough invention that still makes life easier for many household members. In 1989, a specialized adhesive for mounting objects on the wall appeared on the market, quickly achieving initial adhesion, thanks to which it was not necessary to support or press objects against the wall for many hours! At the same time, a new category of assembly adhesives was initiated. In 1994, Pattex expanded its offer of wood adhesives with adhesives for parquet and wooden floors.

Seven years later, in 2001, the market experienced another revolution - the introduction of a two-component epoxy adhesive under the Pattex brand, which allowed not only to glue damaged elements, but also, if necessary, to renew or seal them. In 2006, Pattex once again surprised the market with its innovation, introducing a new generation of construction adhesives. From then on, you can even remove elements from the wall after sticking them! The market is conquered by new removable construction adhesives, which are available in the form of double-sided assembly tapes. The year 2007 was one of the best repair adhesive based on the FlexTec formula patented by Henkel. It is resistant to shocks, low and high temperatures and all weather conditions. Its name is Repair Extreme.

In the same year, the Pattex product range was enriched with the innovative Ultra-Gel adhesive - the first flexible cyanoacrylate superglue available on the market. In 2009, Pattex makes construction adhesives affordable for everyone, even novice users and DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to the new marketing concept "No More Nails", everyone understood that a drill and nails are a relic when it comes to fixing elements to the wall. Gluing has become a new technique for fixing elements. In 2010, the new face of the Pattex brand was presented! Thanks to the new logo, new policy and a visual change of product packaging, the brand has gained a fresh image - as always with high power.

2011 is the year of launching the new generation multi-functional adhesive Pattex Total! This adhesive is based on the Henkel patented FlexTec technology, thanks to which it has the highest performance and resistance among other products available on the market. It doesn't matter anymore whether the user is going to do or repair something at home. This adhesive is suitable for any type of material and achieves its maximum strength in all conditions. It has been tested by TÜV, a leading European certification institute.

Pattex always promises what is possible. This is a promise that goes well beyond enabling the customers to get the job done efficiently with the efficient and high-quality Pattex products with completely non-toxic products - harmless to health and the environment.

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Brand: Pattex Model and Size: 290g
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Pattex One-for-All Crystal is a high-quality universal polymer adhesive and sealant, based on the Henkel's Flextec polymer technology. It is characterized by crystal transparency and is designed for all kinds of materials and surfaces. Pattex One-for-All Crystal glues and seals interior and exterior..
Brand: Pattex Model and Size: 440g
Delivery Time: In Stock 1-2 working days
Pattex One-for-All Instant-Grip is a high-quality universal polymer adhesive and sealant, based on the Henkel's Flextec polymer technology. Thanks to the Instant-Grip formula, it provides effective adhesion to objects without the need for long-term support (high initial adhesion up to 350 kg/m2 conf..
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