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17 Jun Ventilation in insulated buildings
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VentilationThere is much concern today about energy efficiency and achieving a net-zero greenhouse gas rating to achieve carbon neutral homes.However, with the increase of insulation and addition of e..
01 Sep How Proper Insulation Can Help Your Energy Consumption
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When looking to improve your home efficiency rating, the first strategy you might consider is applying energy-saving measures. Limiting your energy consumption by promoting internal heating and other ..
12 Jun The Chance Of Later Addition Of EWI Is Higher For A Partially Filled Cavity Wall
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Warm air always moves towards cold air, and in winter the heat from your home will escape through the walls into the surrounding air. Nearly 30% of heat is lost through an uninsulated external walls. ..
04 Jul “Rockassist” Calculation Program to the Rescue!
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Innovative Solutions for Easy Insulation Application Once we have decided to add insulation to our home and make it more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in, we have faced more th..
03 Jul Improved Insulation is Fighting Fuel Poverty
10 Jun Renting or Owning - Loft Conversion is Always a Good Idea
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Some Things to Think About when Converting Your Loft Regardless of whether you are a proud owner or only a landlord of a property in the UK, now could be the perfect time to consider expanding..
10 Jun Should You Switch from Cavity to External Wall Insulation
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Cavity Wall Insulation Dampness Issues Cavity wall insulation is promoted as one effective measures that are ought to improve energy efficiency of UK households, it does not come as a surprise..
10 Jun Most Popular Soundproofing Techniques
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Sometimes Small Things Can Go a Long Way If you have already done everything necessary for insulating your home, including adding proper insulation to your walls, floors, loft and basement space, ma..
10 Jun How Much Does the Climate Affect Choice of Insulation?
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Harmonising Insulation with the Weather Although we are all aware of importance of proper insulation added to our home and protecting us from all the negative external factors such as excessive..
03 Jun Should You Hire a Professional or DIY
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Importance of Properly Installing and Maintaining Insulation Should you hire a professional or install insulation yourself is a common question most of us have asked ourselves at least once. Namely..
10 May How Sealing Air Leaks Contributes to Insulating your Home
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Fixing Air Leaks Invading your Home If you have already insulated your home (or at least most of it), you are probably wondering how is your home losing or gaining heat. Well, what affects you..
10 May Know-How on Proper Floor Insulation
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Learn How to Choose and Add Insulation Accordingly ..
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