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Dow Chemicals

The Dow Chemical Company was founded by H.H. Dow in 1897. Dow manufactured and sold agricultural chemicals, elemental chlorine, pharmaceutical products, magnesium metals and plastic resins, among other products. Today, Dow Chemicals in well known as the pioneer of extruded polystyrene Styrofoam and Saran Wrap, a thin, clingy plastic wrap that is sold in rolls and used primarily for wrapping food.

30mm FLOORMATE 300A Styrofoam XPS - Extruded Polystyrene Floor Insulation Board
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Brand: Dow Chemicals Model and Size: 1200 x 600mm -0.72m2
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30mm FLOORMATE 300-A Extruded Polystyrene Floor Insulation Board is designed for use across the flooring spectrum from residential to commercial buildings such as office and retail units. FLOORMATE 300-A is a solution for insulating groundbearing and suspended floors in new build and renov..
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