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100mm URSA 10 Loft Roll

  • 100mm URSA 10 Loft Roll
  • Product Code: A100-58
  • Brand: URSA
  • Model and Size: 100mm - 10.83m2
  • Roll Coverage: 10.83m2
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 days

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100mm URSA 10 loft roll

Width: 2 x 570mm
Area per roll: 10.83m2
Length: 9.5m
Thermal conductivity: 0.044 W/mK
R-Value: 2.27m2K/W
Density: 10 kg/m3
URSA 10 Loft Roll is a lightweight, non-combustible, unfaced glass mineral wool products. URSA 10 Loft Roll has minimal resistance to the passage of water vapour, thus allowing the roof to breathe. A practical value for the moisture vapour resistivity is 5 MNs/gm. The specific heat capacity of this product is 0.84 kJ/kgK.
  • URSA 10 Loft Roll achieves indefinite life at least equal to that of the building.
  • URSA 10 Loft Roll is compatible with all common construction materials, alkalis, dilute acids, mineral oil and petrol. Products that have been in contact with harsh solvents, acids or saturated with water should not be used.
  • URSA 10 Loft Roll is inherently safe to handle. During cutting or handling any dust generated is of nuisance value only; the wearing of dust masks, gloves and long sleeved clothing is recommended. If a large scale machining is used it should be connected to a dust extraction system.
  • It is possible to meet the Building Regulation requirement with only 300mm of URSA 10 Loft Roll.
  • URSA 10 Loft Roll has excellent sound insulation characteristics and enhances the acoustic comfort of the building.
  • Glass wool is manufactured from an abundant, sustainable resource and may utilise up to 80% post consumer glass waste which makes the product highly environmentally friendly. The Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of URSA Loft Roll is zero.
Insulating pitched roofs at horizontal ceiling level is the most cost effective way of insulating new buildings or upgrading existing. URSA 10 Loft Roll is commonly used as loft insulation in cold pitched roofs greatly increasing thermal and acoustic performance of the construction.
URSA 10 Loft Roll achieved outstanding product quality manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Systems. It also has a low reaction to fire and meets Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1 standards.


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