British Gypsum Gyplyner GL10 Steel Framing Clip (box of 100)

  • British Gypsum Gyplyner GL10 Steel Framing Clip (box of 100)
  • Product Code: A10-885
  • Brand: British Gypsum
  • Model and Size: GL10 - Box of 100
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British Gypsum Gyplyner GL10 Steel Framing Clip

Quantity: Box of 100
British Gypsum 
Gyplyner GL10 Steel Framing Clip is one of the GypLyner UNIVERSAL accessories with very wide application, designed to ease the plasterboard lining installation process onto timber joists, concrete soffits, masonry walls, as well as for steel beams and columns encasement.

The product can be used in various systems including:

  • DriLyner BASIC which is a system applicable to masonry walls, providing low U values of down to 0,22, using gypsum adhesive dabs so that the boards can be directly fixed to the wall, meaning that the services can be easily implemented, with minimum chasing. It is recommended that the services are planed prior to installation, in the construction phase. Some considerations should be taken in regards to adding cavity barriers (which can be done by using the straight vertical line of dabs down the board centre), providing air tightness by sealing the cavity perimeter, and finally installing the system onto weather protected and dry backgrounds;
  • DriLyner MF has the same characteristics and considerations as the previously explained DriLyner BASIC system, but is especially used for facilitating Gyproc plasterboards (or TheramLine laminates) fixing to the Gypframe channels (whereas this is done by using especially designed sealants and accessories in order of minimizing the risk of thermal bridges appearing), which have been previously bonded to the wall surface;
  • DriLiner RF can provide substantial insulation, reaching the U values of down to 0,21, particularly used for fixing the boards onto solid walls, including plaster wall when conducting a remodeling project, when special Gyproc sealants or blobs are used;
  • DriLiner SI uses the same advantages as the Basic system, but can achieve even better U values of 0,21. The system includes the use of gypsum adhesive dabs so that the boards can be fixed directly onto the wall, while improved insulation values are achieved by adding Gyproc TriLine, being a sound insulating laminate;
  • DriLyner TL uses adhesive dabs for direct bonding of the board onto the wall, in combination with the Gyproc TriLine laminate, for improved sound insulation, achieving U values of down to 0,22., providing early room comfort conditions;
  • GypLyner ENCASE is a system especially used to provide fire resistance and protection to beam and column sections (flange thickness 6mm-28mm), portal frames, joint sections, with very wide application to any building type whenever structural steel encasements are necessary. It provides lightweight support which is very easy and quickly installed. Prior to installation, it is advised to determine the thickness of the cladding, following the prescribed procedure including determining whether the protection is required for three or four section sides, the fire resistance period and choosing the board type;
  • GypLyner UNIVERSAL ceiling lining has wide internal application in both residential and commercial properties, suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. It is especially applicable for installing plasterboard linins onto timber joists and concrete soffits whereas the ceiling void allows small service routings. However, conduits and pipes should be positioned and fixed prior to installation, while some components like light fittings must be carefully placed in order of meeting the sound insulation and fire resistance requirements and maintaining the ceiling integrity. The channels can bear loads of up to 3 kg, while for heavier fixings, independent suspension should be provided;
  • GypLyner UNIVERSAL wall lining is generally used for internal non-load bearing applications. The system is best used for refurbishment of poor quality walls whenever some acoustic and thermal insulation requirements must be met, and services accommodated due to the provided service void of 25mm to 125mm and the ability not to be influenced by background irregularities. In order of achieving the quoted U values of the system, all cavities between the background and the lining must be properly sealed, which includes sealing the junctions and fitting the abutting elements and the background. 

GL10 Steel Framing Clip is used to facilitate the installation of plasterboard linings on timber joists, concrete soffits, masonry walls, as well as for steel beams and columns encasement.


The product is in compliance with the:

  • European Standard EN 14195

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