12mm Glasroc MultiBoard

  • 12mm Glasroc MultiBoard
  • Product Code: A10-211
  • Brand: British Gypsum
  • Model and Size: 2400x1200 (2.88.m2)
  • 1 sheet coverage: 2.88m2
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 days

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12mm Glasroc Multiboard | Non-Combustible Glass Reinforced Gypsum Board

Board size: 2400mm x 1200mm (2.88m²)
Thermal conductivity: 0.286W/mK
R-Value: 0.04 m²K/W
Service Temperature: below 49°C
Surface Spread of Flame: Class ‘0’

Glasroc MultiBoard is a highly versatile, Class 0, non-combustible glass reinforced gypsum board manufactured by a unique continuous process, developed and patented by British Gypsum. The non-combustibility of gypsum and the reinforcement of glass fibre combine to produce a strong and resilient product, which has resistance to sag and offers excellent fire protection. It also offers increased levels of moisture performance. Glasroc MultiBoard has an exceptionally smooth, water repellent plaster surface. It offers good impact resistance without being prone to cracking or shattering.


  • Glasroc MultiBoard can be used to contribute to the sound insulation of many constructional elements
  • white gypsum face
  • white gypsum reverse side
  • high quality, paperless gypsum board


Glasroc MultiBoard can be used in both wall and partition linings where impact resistance is of prime concern. This includes:

  • linings in industrial buildings
  • sports halls and high traffic areas

12mm Glasroc MultiBoard may further be used in semi-exposed situations such as:

  • roof eaves
  • canopies
  • car ports and floor underlinings where perimeters are open to the elements, however it should not be used for external perimeters for any other purpose

This product is ideal for many applications in domestic and commercial buildings; both new build and refurbishment, including:

  • Ceilings
  • Timber joist floors
  • Cavity barriers and beam
  • Column encasement

The inherent flexibility of Glasroc MultiBoard makes it ideal for curved surfaces both convex and concave e.g. barrel vault ceilings or bulkheads. Glasroc MultiBoard is ideal for decorative finishes, such as:

  • shopping centres and malls
  • foyers and atriums
  • shop fitting


  • Glasroc MULTIBOARD is unsuitable for use in areas subject to continuously damp or humid conditions
  • Must not be used to isolate dampness
  • Not suitable for use in temperatures above 49°C
  • Can be subjected to freezing conditions without risk of damage
  • conforms to EN 15283-1
  • subject of the British Board of Agreement Certificate number 90/2541
  • certified as conforming with ISO 9001: 2000


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