100mm Thermal Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab - 1000 x 600mm

  • 100mm Thermal Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab - 1000 x 600mm
  • Product Code: A1-3731
  • Brand: Rockwool
    (tech. support: 0871 222 1780)
  • Model and Size: 1000x600mm - 0.6m2
  • Pack Coverage: 0.60m2
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 weeks

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100mm Thermal Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab - 1000 x 600mm

Thickness: 100mm
Width: 600mm
Length: 1000mm
Pack Coverage: 0.6m2
Thermal Conductivity: 0.038W/mK
R-Value: 2.63m2K/W
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): A1(Non-combustible)
Density: 145kg/m3
Weight/m2: 14.5kg
Weight: 8.7kg

100mm Thermal Rockwool Rockfloor Insulation Slab is a tissue faced, high compressive dual density insulation slab made from mineral stone wool, and meets Part L Building Regulations in ground floors, and for acoustic applications, meets Building Regulations Part E, in intermediate and separating floors. Due to its dual density structure, it can be laid over slightly uneven floors -- the lower density absorbs imperfections and the high-density top layer layer provides a strong point load resistance. The Rockfloor slab is an economical solution for conserving heat in dwellings.

  • Easy to handle and fit,
  • Time saving,
  • Floor imperfections are absorbed by the low density layer,
  • Creates a neat and level finish,
  • High compressive and point load resistance,
  • Water repellent,
  • Noncombustible,
  • Minimises thermal and acoustic bridging.
  • Separating floors,
  • Ground floors.
Rockfloor slabs should be laid lengthways to the longest wall, in a staggered joint pattern, tissue face upwards. The off cut at one end of the first row is then used to start the next row and similarly with subsequent rows.

  • Tested to BS EN 13162,
  • Rated A1 when tested to EN 13501-1,
  • Complies with the requirements of BS EN 13162 Thermal Insulation Products for Buildings.
  • Rockwool fibres are not classified as a possible human carcinogen.
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