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310ml Fermacell Greenline JointStick

310ml Fermacell Greenline JointStick
310ml Fermacell Greenline JointStick
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  • Brand: Fermacell
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  • Model and Size: 310ml
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310ml Fermacell Greenline JointStick

Type of material: Polyurethane

310ml Fermacell Greenline JointStick is a ready mixed adhesive to achieve a strong glued joint between square edge Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards. It has a special applicator nozzle provides the correct amount needed, right into the middle of the joint. Fermacell Green line Jointstick provides a high strength joint, which is plastic, once hardened. Drying Time is between 18 - 36 hours for best results. The adhesive doesn't foam up during the drying process.

  • Easy to apply,
  • A special applicator,
  • Gives a strong glued joint,
  • Does not foam up during the drying proces,
  • Once hardened, becomes plastic,
  • Specially made for Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards,
  • Free of isocyanates, plasticizers, silicone and solvents,
  • No hazard label, low in harmful substances and emissions,
  • Tested by Eco-Institut Cologne.
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