3mm Regupol 4515 Eco Soundproof Underlay Roll

  • Product Code: A1-1734
  • Brand: CMS Danskin Acoustics
    (Tech. support: 01925 577711)
  • Model and Size: 1.15x20m - 23.00m2
  • Roll coverage: 23.00m2
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 days

  • Guide Price: £171.37 (£205.64 inc VAT)

    Guide price per m2: £7.45/m2 (£8.94/m2 inc VAT)

  • Price: £171.37 (£205.64 inc VAT)

    Price per m2: £7.45/m2 (£8.94/m2 inc VAT)

= m2
other thicknesses
Guide Price: £151.68 (£182.02 inc VAT)
= m2

3mm Regupol 4515 Eco Soundproof Underlay Roll

Thickness: 3mm
Width: 1150mm
Roll Length: 20m
Roll coverage: 23m2
Density: 470kg/m3
Weight/m2: 1.41kg
Weight: 32.43kg
Thermal Conductivity: 0.085W/mK
R-Value: 0.04m2K/W
Impact Sound Insulation: 17dB
Tensile strength: 0.6 N/mm²

3mm Regupol 4515 Eco soundproof underlay roll is a general purpose acoustic underlayment manufactured from a combination of cork granules and rubber granulate, designed to reduce the effect of impact sound at source on all types of subfloor. This tough, resilient, low cost underlayment can insulate beneath all types of wooden based floor finishes such as laminate hardwood and engineered board. 

Acoustic materials comprised entirely of foam, particularly in a non-cross-linked configuration, have a tendency to creep (i.e. compress) over time. The addition of cork in Regupol 4515 Eco effectively reduces the risk of creep.

  • Highly sustainable and completely recyclable.
  • Offers long term performance without collapse or bottoming out under high point loads.
  • Resistant to ageing and deformation.
  • Quick and easy to install. Simply bond to the subfloor beneath the final floor finish.
  • Reduces construction heights.
  • Suitable for both new build and refurbishments.
  • High quality and exact material thickness guaranteed.
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating.
  • Very comfortable under foot.
  • Does not cause plasticizer migration.

Ideally suited for all types of wooden based floor finishes such as laminate hardwood and engineered board and also for finishes such as carpet, vinyl and tile. For new builds, refurbishments and architectural projects including residential commercial and education settings.

  • Subfloors must be sound, smooth, dry and free from any contaminants which could affect adhesion.
  • Ensure each roll is completely unrolled, turned over and left in the area to which it is to be applied for a minimum of 6 hours or ideally overnight prior to cutting and installing.
  • Should be bonded to the subfloor using recommended adhesives. Lay the roll into the adhesive and press from the centre outwards to exclude air and ensure overall contact with the adhesive.
  • Roll with a 68kg flooring roller, from end to end and side to side to ensure overall contact.
  • Leave a minimum gap of 3mm around the entire perimeter to allow for expansion and contraction. Do not butt Regupol 3912 against the skirting boards and/or carpet grippers.
  • Use a craft knife and straight edge for cutting to size and ensure that all edges are butt jointed.
  • After 30 minutes, when the floor has been completely covered, roll once again to ensure contact is maintained.
  • Do not apply loads or move furniture on Regupol 4515 Multi Acoustic Underlay until the adhesive has fully set.
Regupol 4515 Multi has been independently tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure it complies with building regulations in accordance with Approved Document E 2003. It also delivers long term performance without collapse under highpoint loads and is resistant to ageing and deformation.
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