6mm Isorubber IsoEdge Acoustic Perimeter Insulation Strip

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6mm Isorubber IsoEdge Acoustic Perimeter Insulation Strip

Thickness: 6mm
Width: 260mm
Roll Length: 50m
Density: 30kg/m3
Weight/m2: 0.18kg
Weight: 5.2kg

6mm IsoEdge Acoustic Perimeter Insulation Strip is a purpose made flanking sound insulation strip to provide a robust solution for the difficult edge details. It can be applied to most types of concrete floors to achieve the approved document EPCT sound insulation requirements. IsoEdge is a pink colourd acoustic foam fold-line cut strip with a self-adhesive backing. No CFCs or HCFCs are used in the manufacture of Isoedge 6/260 and it has Global Warming Potential of 3 and Ozone Depletion Potential Zero.

Faulty installation of the floor perimeter is the single biggest cause of sound test failures in screeded floors. Corners and pipe penetrations require a skillful treatment for which a simple monolithic turn up of the underscreed mat is inadequate. Isoedge is a purpose made perimeter insulation strip that provides an easy robust method for the treatment of these problem details.


  • Robust Detail Approved product on pre-cast concrete floors in accordance with Robust Detail Limited system E-FC-4.
  • Site tested for compliance with the new Approved Document E on various concrete and timber floors

IsoEdge Installation Guide

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