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80mm White Polystyrene Board (EPS) for External Wall Insulation (pack of 7)

80mm White Polystyrene Board (EPS) for External Wall Insulation (pack of 7)
80mm White Polystyrene Board (EPS) for External Wall Insulation (pack of 7)
Price: £32.99 (£39.59 inc VAT)
Price per m2: £9.43/m2 (£11.31 inc VAT)
5 or more (£38.80 inc VAT)
10 or more (£38.00 inc VAT)
20 or more (£36.82 inc VAT)
30 or more (£35.63 inc VAT)
  • Product Code: A1-2063
  • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days
  • Brand: Arbet
  • Model and Size: 1000x500mm - 3.50m2
  • Weight: 2.80kg

Thickness: 80mm
Width: 500mm
Length: 1000mm
Pack coverage: 3.50
Density: 10kg/m3
Weight of 1m2: 0.8kg
Weight: 2.8kg
Thermal Conductivity: 0.042W/mK
R-Value: 1.9m2K/W
Compressive Strength: 75kPa
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): E

80mm White Polystyrene Board is a very lightweight and easy to handle and install, expanded polystyrene (EPS) board specially designed to be used as a part of various external wall insulation systems. It can be used in applications requiring transfer of small mechanical loads.

Please note polystyrene boards that we sell may not be purely white as per picture. Some of our depots may keep polystyrene with black dots (with improved performance). If you need purely white polystyrene sheets for your projects please contact us before placing an order.

  • Lightweight,
  • Easily cut with a sharp knife to any size and shape,
  • High resistance to mold growth,
  • Highly durable, if used according to specifications,
  • Cost efficient,
  • An environment friendly product.
  • New and existing rendered or unrendered masonry,
  • Timber backed walls, floors and roofs. 
  • Cavity wall construction,
  • On layered external walls,
  • In places likely to develop thermal bridges,
  • On beams and under slabs
  • In balconies and loggias, 
  • Under roofs and between rafters
  • The boards are initially fixed to the substrate (masonry or timber) either by a mortar/adhesive or simply by mechanical fixings, or with adhesive as well as mechanical fixings.
  • Then the boards should be covered with an outer layer, siding or by a mortar layer.
  • The outer surface of the board needs to be rasped or sanded down to produce an abrasive surface, before covering it with the fibre mesh, to which the base coat or mortar layer would be applied.


Produced to the requirements of EN-13163 Standard.