British Gypsum Gypframe 94 EDC 70 Extra Deep Flange Channel

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  • Brand: British Gypsum
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  • Model and Size: 94 EDC 70 - 3.6 m
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British Gypsum Gypframe 94 EDC 70 Extra Deep Flange Channel

Thickness: 0.7mm
Width: 94mm
Length: 3600mm
Linear meter weight: 1.28kg

British Gypsum Gypframe 94 EDC 70 Extra Deep Flange Floor & Ceiling Channel is used for securing wall studs in ceiling and floor junctions for partition heights over 4200mm up to 8000mm. The product is specially applicable to constructions where better impact resistance and deflection head details are needed which is achieved by applying a special manufacturing process providing increased strength and better screw holing. They are made using the UltraSteel process providing a more stabile and rigid surface for improved strength and easier screw holing.

The channels can be used in variety of different systems, including:

  • FireWall provides up to 240 minutes of fire resistance, while requiring minimal wall thickness, especially designed to meet the requirements of insurance companies in the words of fire protection, why it is especially applicable to warehouses, plant rooms and data storages. Special care should be given to any insulation system installed in order of preventing it to anyhow affect the performance of the system, which also goes for any openings is the wall which are generally not required with the FireWall system. Finally, it is advisable that a damp proof membranes are installed if dealing with a new concrete screeded floor;
  • GypLyner IWL, providing fire protection and fire resistance, used for upgrading both thermal and sound performance of masonry walls, designed to correspond to BS 5234 standards. The system can increase the sound and thermal insulation of both new or existing walls, only if the elements are well fitted to the background, junctions properly sealed and water penetration and damp issues taken care of by applying recommended measures;
  • GypWall AUDIO is a system especially designed to provide high sound performance, why is often used in cinemas, theatres and music rooms, also providing a certain level of fire resistance (up to 120 minutes) capable to offer protection to structural steel within the cavity, yet very lightweight in comparison to the alternatives;
  • GypWall CLASSIC is a lightweight system which provides a 30-120 minutes of fire resistance, has substantial sound insulation performance, also protecting the metal framework from warping, rotting and twisting. The system can be have a number of different applications only if the position of the fixings and the installation are pre-planed and determined;
  • GypWall EXTREME is a hybrid system consisting of Gyproc plasterboards, Gypframe metal products and Rigidur H fibre reinforced gypsum boards providing great sound insulation performance, great resistance and durability but also highly cost-effective due to the reduced maintenance cycle costs. The systems characteristics make it applicable to traffic corridors and student accommodations. It is recommended for control joints to be installed in order of reducing the construction stresses caused by contraction and expansion;
  • GypWall QUIET is used for sound insulation of residential dwellings (mostly used in apartments and flats), is in accordance with the Approved Document E of the Building Regulations and the BS 5234 standard. It is recommended that the closure of the cavities is provided with mineral wool;
  • GypWall QUIET IWL is in compliance with the Robust details constructions, meaning that there is no pre-completed testing required, also designed to meet BS 5234 requirements, used to accommodate services between the twin stud frameworks;
  • GypWall QUIET SF whose considerable acoustic performance makes it applicable to separating walls (between apartments, for example), also providing fire resistance of 60-120 minutes. For optimal acoustic performance, it is recommended that all air paths are properly sealed;
  • GypWall ROBUST is available in there stud options (70mm, 92mm and 146mm), meeting BS 5234 requirements, great sound insulation and 60 minutes of fire resistance, and all in a single layer. Due to the durability it provides, it can be applied to almost any commercial building. Some constructions may include installing control joints in the partition, coinciding with movement joists, all in order of relieving the construction of stresses caused by contraction and expansion;
  • GypWall STAGGERED has a wide application in both commercial and residential buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices, shops etc all due to increased sound insulation properties at a minimal partition width, in conformity with the BS 5234 and providing up to 90 minutes of fire resistance. When installing, it is important that the linings are not separated by a bridge created from the fixtures and services;
  • ShaftWall is a lightweight system which can be installed in the early construction phase, especially applicable to areas with limited access, providing a fire-protective structure for the inner elements. It is designed to meet air pressure and deflection requirements, but also the boundary requirements prescribed by the applicable Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. The system can be found in stairwells, service ducts and risers and lift shafts, providing a protective enclosure.

Gypframe 94 EDC 70 Extra Deep Flange Floor & Ceiling Channel is used for securing wall studs in ceiling and floor junctions for partition heights over 4200mm to 8000mm.


The product is in compliance with the:

  • British Standard BS 7364
  • European Standard EN 14195
  • American Standard ASTM C645
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