British Gypsum Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar

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  • Brand: British Gypsum
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  • Model and Size: RB1 - 3 m
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British Gypsum Gypframe RB1 Resilient Bar

Thickness: 0.45mm
Width: 16mm
Length: 3000mm
Weight: 0.99kg

British Gypsum Gypframe RB1 Sound Insulating Resilient Bar is especially designed for optimizing sound performance of ceiling and wall construction systems. The product can be used in various systems, including:

  • Gypfloor SILENT floor system, which is applicable to both refurbishment and remodeling projects on timber joist floors and new build and construction to provide an overall improvement in acoustic insulation, all in order of allowing your internal floors to meet the prescribed requirements of applicable Building Regulations. The system provides sound insulation from both impact and airborne noise but minimally increases the floor depth (adding only 7mm to the top joists level). It is advised that ceiling linings should be properly fixed before applying plastering or dry lining, while in remodeling projects, the upper surface of the joist should level with the flooring (which can be done by using GypLyner UNIVERSAL which will support the ceiling boards). In order of making sure that the structure will meet the prescribed values, consideration should be given to the surrounding structure and floor type;
  • GypWall QUIET SF whose considerable acoustic performance makes it applicable to separating walls (between apartments, for example), also providing fire resistance of 60-120 minutes. For optimal acoustic performance, it is recommended that all air paths are properly sealed;
  • Loadbearing timber joists floors and ceilings, a traditional method widely used in floor and roof applications, whenever fire and acoustic insulation requirements set by the applicable regulations must be met in both commercial and residential settings. In order of minimizing the possibility of ceiling finishing defects and providing needed strength and robustness, BS 5268: Part 2 should be consulted. Cavity fire and vapor barriers may be required by the applicable regulation. For substantial sound performance, all gaps at floor and ceiling perimeters should be sealed, which can be done by using Gyproc Sealant.
  • Non-Loadbearing timber stud is used in new build and refurbishment residential off-site and commercial applications, achieving high levels of acoustic insulation, sound and fire resistance. The positioning and installation if heavy fixings and services should be planned at the frame erection stage.  

Gypframe RB1 Sound Insulating Resilient Bar used for optimizing sound performance of ceiling and wall construction systems.


The product is in compliance with the:

  • European Standard EN 14195
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