27mm Isocheck 27C Concrete Floor Acoustic Board

  • 27mm Isocheck 27C Concrete Floor Acoustic Board
  • Product Code: A1-1040
  • Brand: Isomass
    (tech. support: 08458383389)
  • Model and Size: 600x2400mm - 1.44m2
  • Board Coverage: 1.44m2
  • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days

  • Guide Price: £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

    Guide price per m2: £18.23/m2 (£21.88/m2 inc VAT)

  • Price: £26.25 (£31.50 inc VAT)

    Price per m2: £18.23/m2 (£21.88/m2 inc VAT)

    • 5 or more £25.82 (£30.98 inc VAT)
    • 10 or more £25.39 (£30.47 inc VAT)
    • 20 or more £24.74 (£29.69 inc VAT)
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27mm Isocheck 27C Concrete Floor Acoustic Board

Thickness: 27mm
Resilient layer thickness: 5.5mm
Width: 600mm
Length: 2400mm
Coverage: 1.44m2
Weight/m2: 15.8kg
Impact Sound Insulation: 54dB
Airbourne sound insulation: 53dB

Isocheck 27C is an overlay platform system, designed for reducing sound transmission, including impact sound transmission and improving acoustic performance of concrete floors. The system is used new build, refurbishment and conversions of concrete floors, able to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, Approved Document E 2003 (including the subsequent amendments in 2004 and 2010) but also in compliance with the Robust Detail. The system includes a 21.5mm P5 V313 chipboard bonded to cross linked Isopoli, only 5,5mm thick.

  • Great acoustic properties, including the ability to reduce impact sound transmission;
  • Able to meet values prescribed by the Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, when installed as part of a complete party floor construction;
  • Includes a moisture-resistant medium density fibreboard;
  • Robust Detail compliant;
  • can comply with Code for Sustainable Homes.

Isocheck 27C Floor Acoustic Board is applicable in new build, refurbishment and conversions of concrete floors.

Isocheck 23C Concrete Floor Acoustic Board

Prior to installation of the system, the following considerations must be taken into account:
  • since ceiling penetrations, lift shafts or other steel work can affect the acoustic performance of the system, in case these are present, additional advice should be sought;
  • the floors must be level, clean and dry;
  • the entire structure needs to be watertight;
  • the product must be kept and stored in dry conditions.

Installation should begin with at the furthest point from the entrance, while the decking must follow a stretcher-bond pattern. The boards are pushed over the joints which have been treated with a proper adhesive added both on top of the tongue and bottom of the groove. It is advised that stud partitioning should be built from the sub floor and that flanking strips should be added for improved insulation performance of the walls and floors. Once the entire system has been installed, the boards should be protected from potential damage with a proper finish layer added on top. All skirting must be isolated from the floor surface and new ceiling boards installed prior to installing the system, in order of avoiding potential flanking transmission.

When used in bathrooms and kitchens, some additional considerations apply. All rigid plumbing connectors that go through the system should be properly insulated from floating and sub floor by adding some flexible sealant to the hole around the services perimeter, cut up to 10mm wider. When installing the system to kitchen areas, it is advised that the kitchen units are installed onto pads on sub-floors, so that the plinth can be added to the kitchen unit legs, for neat finish.

The product is in compliance with:
  • Approved Document E of the Building Regulations;
  • Robust Details compliant, descriptive FFT5 within E-FC-1, E-FC-2 and E-FS-1;
  • It can comply with Code for Sustainable Homes.
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