JCW Acoustic Screed Foam Pack - Concrete Floor Under Screed Resilient Layer

  • JCW Acoustic Screed Foam Pack - Concrete Floor Under Screed Resilient Layer
  • Product Code: A1-2006
  • Brand: JCW
    (tech. support: 0845 340 2858)
  • Model and Size: JCW ASFP - 62.40m2
  • Pack coverage: 62.40m2
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days

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JCW Acoustic Screed Foam Pack - Concrete Floor Under Screed Resilient Layer

Pack coverage: 62.4m2
Impact Sound Insulation: 54dB
Airbourne sound insulation: 49dB

JCW Acoustic Screed Foam Pack is a complete concrete floor under screed resilient layer pack containing JCW Acoustic Screed Foam, JCW Acoustic Flanking Strip and JCW Acoustic Flanking Strip. This is a big value acoustic foam pack which reduces impact and airborne noise on concrete floors.  Acoustic Screed Foam under screed Impact layer for beneath sand and cement or proprietary screeds.

  • JCW Acoustic Screed Foam: 10mm x 1.2m x 52m (62.4m2), 
  • JCW Acoustic Flanking Strip: 8mm x 150mm x 50m, 
  • JCW Black Cloth Jointing Tape: 50mm x 50m

  • Easy as a quick to install,
  • Everything needed before the screed is laid,
  • Economical and easy to install,
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Meet the requirements where Pre-completion Sound Testing is mandatory.


  • Acoustic Screed Foam Pack can be used on pre-cast concrete plank floors that have a minimum mass of 300 kg/m2 with a ceiling type illustrated above
  • New build
  • Refurbishments
  • Domestic upgrade
  • The base floor must be swept and cleared of grit, loose stones and any objects that could penetrate the JCW Screed Foam resilient layer.
  • JCW Screed Foam stretches slightly when rolled up. Screed Foam should be unrolled and allowed rest for a few hours before measuring & cutting. Cut the Screed Foam using a sharp knife and a straight edge.
  • Secure the JCW Foam Flanking Strip to the perimeter edges allowing at least 50mm of foam to sit flat onto the base floor.
  • Roll out the first length of Screed Foam along the base floor and over the top of the 50mm base foam flanking strip.
  • Use 50mm wide Black Cloth Jointing Tape to continuously secure all edge joints.
  • All subsequent layers of JCW Screed Foam must be overlapped by 50mm with all joints continuously secured using 50mm wide Black Cloth Jointing Tape.
  • Sand and Cement screeds can now be laid directly on top of the Screed Foam. Screed depths of 65-75mm provides for a 25-35mm excess surface foam that can be later folded down onto the dry screed to isolate the skirting board from the screed surface.
  • Proprietary and Anhydrite Screeds a 0.2mm waterproof membrane must be laid over the top of the Screed Foam and up all wall edges at least 50mm above the screed depth. The waterproof membrane must be overlapped by 100mm with all joints taped to prevent movement during the casting process.
  • Screed Foam must be protected from other trades prior to the screed installation.

JCW Acoustic Screed Foam Pack has been independently tested in a UK Verified independent UKAS accredited laboratory. 

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