Knauf Aquapanel Maxi Screws SN39 - box of 500

  • Knauf Aquapanel Maxi Screws SN39 - box of 500
  • Product Code: A1-1923
  • Brand: Knauf
    (Aquapanel Support: 08000 304 135)
  • Model and Size: 39mm
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 days

  • Price: £24.13 (£28.96 inc VAT)

    • 10 or more £22.47 (£26.96 inc VAT)
    • 20 or more £22.00 (£26.40 inc VAT)
    • 30 or more £21.50 (£25.80 inc VAT)

Knauf Aquapanel Maxi Screws SN39 - box of 500

Diameter: 4.2mm
Length: 39mm

Aquapanel Maxi SN39 needlepoint screws have been specially developed for fixing Aquapanel Cement Board on to timber and metal frameworks of differing thicknesses. Aquapanel Maxi Screws SN39 can be used for both wall and ceiling applications in interior and exterior applications. Aquapanel Maxi Screw SN39 is suitable for a single or double layer boards on a metal framework or a single-layer panel on a wooden framework. They have a special corrosion-proof coating, which gives a guaranteed 720 hours corrosion resistance in a salt spray test.

  • The screws are installed flush so that the screw heads are level with the plane of the board,
  • Screw spacing 250mm,
  • Distance from edge > 15 mm.
  • The use of screwdrivers with depth control is recommended.
  • Wall: 15 pieces/m2, stud spacing 600/625 mm
  • Ceiling: 25 pieces/m2, profile spacing 300/312.5 mm
  • Manufactured in the UK to EN 520, BS 1191 and BS EN ISO 9000 using advanced production facilities,
  • ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.

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