Reflective Foil Insulation Low-E (5m2).

  • Reflective Foil Insulation Low-E (5m2).
  • Product Code: A10-604
  • Brand: Low-E
  • Model and Size: 1.25m x 4m - 5m2 - Free Delivery
  • Roll Coverage: 5.00m2
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days

  • Price: £45.54 (£54.65 inc VAT)

    Price per m2: £9.11/m2 (£10.93/m2 inc VAT)

    • 2 or more £44.36 (£53.23 inc VAT)
    • 4 or more £38.39 (£46.07 inc VAT)
    • 8 or more £35.53 (£42.64 inc VAT)
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Price: £167.64 (£201.17 inc VAT)
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Reflective Foil Insulation Low-E (5m2).

Thickness: 5.5mm
Width: 1250mm
Length: 4000mm
Coverage: 5m2
Weight/m2: 0.15kg
Weight: 0.75kg
Water vapour resistivity: 2000MN.s/g.m

Low-E Reflective Foil Insulation is a revolutionary product used in all areas of construction from residential homes, commercial properties right to industrial buildings. It greatly contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emission of your house while saving energy and more importantly money. Low-E is produced from non-toxic polyethylene foam, laminated between two surfaces of pure aluminium facings. Low-E Insulation is safe and easy to handle, substantially reduces time of installation and produces minimum waste. It can be installed along with a secondary insulation for grater R-Values keeping the house comfortable while saving energy and money.

  • Helps deaden sound,
  • Increases energy savings,
  • Non-toxic, no fiberglass no itching,
  • Excellent vapor barrier,
  • Installs easily with razor knife and foil tape,
  • Superior thermal performance,
  • Flexible and durable,
  • Insect/Bird resistant,
  • Great for new construction or retrofits,
  • Reflects up to 97% radiant energy.
  • Walls,
  • Roofs,
  • Lofts,
  • Domestic buildings,
  • Hospitals,
  • Factories,
  • Office buildings.
  • Complies with BR443 Part L of Building Regulations for Foil Insulation, 
  • Class A/ Class 1 Fire Rating (BS 476, ASTM E84)
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