10mm Sempatap Thermal Solid Wall Insulating Wallpaper

  • 10mm Sempatap Thermal Solid Wall Insulating Wallpaper
  • Product Code: A10-363
  • Brand: MGC
    (tech. support: 01372 743334)
  • Model and Size: 1000x12500 - 12.5m2
  • Roll Coverage: 12.50m2
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days

  • Price: £210.53 (£252.64 inc VAT)

    Price per m2: £16.84/m2 (£20.21/m2 inc VAT)

    • 3 or more £208.46 (£250.15 inc VAT)
    • 4 or more £207.43 (£248.92 inc VAT)
    • 5 or more £206.40 (£247.68 inc VAT)
= m2

10mm Sempatap Thermal Solid Wall Insulating Wallpaper

Thickness: 10mm
Width: 1000mm
Roll Length: 12.5m
Coverage: 12.5m2
Weight/m2: 2.08kg
Type of material: Latex foam with coated woven fibreglass face
Life expectancy: 30 years

Sempatap Thermal is 10mm thick, specifically developed as solid wall insulation and has been in use in the UK and Europe for over 30 years successfully installed in 1,000s of flats and houses by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private Landlords and homeowners. It is a remarkable thermal insulation which, when applied inside the property on the external walls, substantially reduces heat loss making rooms immediately feel warmer. It is often referred to as magic wallpaper, insulated wallpaper or flexible insulating lining.

  • Simple and easy as wallpaper to apply.
  • When applied to the internal surfaces of external walls, substantially lowers heat loss, dramatically reduces condensation and immediately makes rooms warmer and more comfortable.
  • Can be decorated with virtually any finish - emulsion, wall- paper and it can even be tiled.
  • It has a life expectancy of 30 years and can be redecorated time and time again with no problem.
  • Saves money in the long run.
  • Does not reduce the room size significantly, there is therefore no need to re-site and extend electrics and plumbing or reduce and refit floor coverings.
  • To the internal face of the external walls of a property, it is not necessary to apply the insulation to internal party walls.
  • In any type of solid wall house including solid brick, solid stone, concrete, on cavity wall flats and houses, particularly north east facing bedrooms.
  • On the ceilings of flat roof extensions where there is little or no roof insulation.
  • For alleviating cold bridge problems caused by cantilever beams with walkways, ring beams, balconies and bridging from Finlock gutters.
  • Dormer ceilings and mansard roofs.
  • Mould growth on walls and ceilings must be treated first.
  • Remove any wallpaper and prepare the walls and ceilings.
  • If the plaster on your wall is very old and porous, apply a coat of Sempatap 'A' Primer and allow to dry.
  • If your skirting is less than 10mm wide on the top edge you will need Sempatap Skirting Channel which is a white plastic track and will give a neat finish to the bottom edge of Sempatap Thermal.
  • Fix the channel on the wall above the skirting using No Nails adhesive after preparation is completed and before application of Sempatap Adhesive. Alternatively you can fix a 10mm wood bead along the top of the skirting and butt joint the Sempatap Thermal to it.
  • Apply a liberal coat of Sempatap Adhesive to the wall using a notched Sempatap Adhesive Spreader, notched trowel or medium pile roller. Only apply the adhesive to one drop length area at a time. For subsequent lengths apply the Sempatap Adhesive not only to the wall but also to the vertical edge of the previously hung length of Sempatap Thermal.
  • Sempatap Thermal is applied foam side to the wall. Cut Sempatap Thermal to required length using wallpaper shears or large scissors allowing 25mm overlap at each end then roll up with foam side facing out.
  • Apply Sempatap Thermal to wet adhesive on the top of the wall at the junction with the ceiling then roll out and smooth using the Sempatap Spatula.
  • When Sempatap Thermal is in the required position, apply firm pressure using the Sempatap Spatula, smoothing out any air pockets.
  • Continue application of Sempatap Thermal by applying subsequent lengths until the wall is covered but leaving a narrow gap of 1-2mm between each drop.
  • For application to flat ceilings, dormers and mansard roofs, apply the Sempatap Adhesive to the ceiling surface, leave for 10-15 minutes to go tacky then apply Sempatap Thermalas per instructions above.



Sempatap Thermal is approved as an Energy Saving Product by the Energy Saving Trust and is an EST Recommended product for the insulation of solid wall homes. It has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and figures produced by the Building Research Establishment show considerable carbon saving.

Please note: this product is non-returnable once purchased. Terms and conditions apply.

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