5mm Polyfoam Floorfoam Knauf

  • 5mm Polyfoam Floorfoam Knauf
  • Product Code: A10-328
  • Brand: Knauf
    (Aquapanel Support: 08000 304 135)
  • Model and Size: 5mm - 112.50m2
  • Roll Coverage: 112.50m2

Product discontinued.
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5mm Polyfoam Floorfoam Knauf

Thickness: 5mm
Width: 1200mm
Roll Length: 93.75m
Roll Coverage: 112.5m2

Polyfoam Floorfoam is a closed cell extruded polyethylene foam available in roll form. The closed cell nature of Polyfoam Floorfoam makes it excellent at cushioning vibrations. It has been developed specifically to comply with Building Regulation requirements for a resilientlayer in separating floors. Polyfoam Floorfoam is suitable for use with either traditional or liquid screed solutions and has been successfully tested with both.

5mm Polyfoam Floorfoam Knauf characteristics:
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Good compression resistance
  • Complies with Building Regulation requirements for a resilient layer in separating floor
  • Polyfoam Floorfoam is free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential in its manufacture and content and represents no known threat to the environment. Polyfoam Floorfoam is non bio-degradable.
  • Polyfoam Floorfoam is easy to handle and non-irritant, no special protective clothing is required when installing it.
  • 5mm Polyfoam Floorfoam used in conjunction with 25mm Polyfoam Floorboard Standard or 25mm Rocksilk Acoustic Floor Slab provides a suitable PCT floor solution
  • The closed cell nature and resilience of Polyfoam Floorfoam makes it excellent at cushioning vibrations
  • Polyfoam Floorfoam is manufactured in accordance with BSI Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO 9001
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