5mm Universal Acoustic Angled Flanking Band (10m pack)

  • Product Code: A10-755
  • Brand: Isomass
    (tech. support: 08458383389)
  • Model and Size: 5x2000mm
  • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 days

  • Guide Price: £5.20 (£6.24 inc VAT)

  • Price: £5.20 (£6.24 inc VAT)

5mm Universal Acoustic Angled Flanking Band (10m pack)

Thickness: 5mm
Dimension: 15x40mm
Length: 2000mm
Quantity: 5 nos in a pack

Flanking noise transmission is a common occurrence in floating floor systems and must be thus eliminated since otherwise you are risking serious problems with acoustic bridging and noise leakage.

Isocheck Universal Acoustic Angled Flanking Band is specially designed to act as sound barriers between the floating layers and the surrounding structural elements, including surrounding walls, services, door linings and other structural elements. This way, problems with expansion are also dealt with, thus leaving no room for air gaps that can cause noise leakage.

The perimeter flanking bands are usually applied on the edges of floor insulation boards prior to pushing the boards against the perimeter walls, thus isolating the boards from the walls.
Universal Acoustic Angled Flanking Band
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