British Gypsum Gypframe GAH2 Acoustic Hanger (pack of 100)

  • Product Code: A10-897
  • Brand: British Gypsum
    (tech. support: 0115 945 6123)
  • Model and Size: GAH2 - 70mm
  • Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days
  • Due to nationwide shortage the lead time may be longer for this product.

  • Price: £582.56 (£699.07 inc VAT)

    • 5 or more £573.02 (£687.62 inc VAT)
    • 10 or more £563.46 (£676.15 inc VAT)
    • 20 or more £549.14 (£658.97 inc VAT)

British Gypsum Gypframe GAH2 Acoustic Hanger (pack of 100)

Length: 70mm
Thickness: 1.5mm

British Gypsum Gypframe GAH2 Acoustic Hanger is a very resilient hanger, especially designed for improving acoustic insulation in timber joist ceilings and floors, when used in combination with the CasoLine MF suspended ceiling system providing monolithic appearance, especially if combined with Gyptone and Rigitone boards or Gyproc plasterboards, applicable to different kinds of residential and commercial applications. The system provides suspension from timber and concrete floors, with the option of resilient suspension provided by the acoustic hangers, allowing simple accommodation of access panels and hatches and easy installation if bulkheads. The system is applicable to dry and enclosed construction, so in case the humidity and moisture level it is recommended to use Gyproc plasterboard MR variants.


Gypframe GAH2 Acoustic Hanger is used with the CasoLine MF ceiling system and timber joist ceilings and floors.

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