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50mm Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt

50mm Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt
50mm Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt
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  • Brand: Rockwool
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  • Model and Size: 1200x600mm - 0.72m2
  • Weight: 5.76kg
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50mm Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt

Length: 1200mm
Width: 600mm
Density: 160kg/m3
Weight of 1m2: 8kg
Weight: 5.76kg
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): A1(Non-combustible)
Fire Protection (Resistance to Fire): 120minutes

50mm Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt is intended to act as an airseal barrier to reinstate the fire resistance and acousticperformances of concrete floors, masonry walls and dry wall systems when voids have been created for the passage of services. This includes pipes made of plain or stainless steel, cast iron, copper, polypropylene, high density polythene, PVC and ABS along with all sheathed cables up to 80mm and supported cable bundles up to 100mm. Ablative Coated Batts can also be used as a head-of-wall barrier to extend the fire resistance and acoustic performances of drywall or masonry walls that finish at suspended ceiling height, up to the concrete soffit above.

The tests have proved the capability of a single 50mm Batt to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance integrity, insulation ratings are dependent upon the service penetration.

  • Fire resistant, offering resistance up to four hours,
  • Very lightweight and easy to install,
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials,
  • Has 0 ODP and GWP, CFC-HCFC-HFC free and 97% recyclable,
  • Maintenance free,
  • Great acoustic performance,
  • Provides air tightness and creates a smoke seal,
  • Can be used as blank seal.

Rockwool Ablative Coated Batts are used to maintain fire resistance and acoustic performance of masonry walls, drywall systems and concrete floors, by either filling the voids created by services such as pipes, ductwork and cables or by filling blank voids.


The Batts are simply cut and a bead of Acoustic Intumescent Sealant applied around the external edges. They are then friction fitted between the services and the wall or floor edges to completely seal the void. Where butt joints are required between cut sections of adjacent batts, Acoustic Intumescent Sealant and/or FIREPRO Glue is applied to both mating edges in order to form a fire tight bond between individual pieces of insulation. All joints, including those around the perimeter of the Batt, are then pointed with FIREPRO Acoustic Intumescent Sealant to complete the seal.

Plastic pipes (PVC, ABS and HDPE etc) must be sleeved with FIREPRO Insulated Fire Sleeves at the point at which they pass through the Ablative Coated Batt. The metal pipes such as steel or copper, the pipes must be lagged with a 1m length of ROCKWOOL Fire Tube or Pipe Section (minimum 40mm wall thickness) protruding equal distances from both faces of the Ablative Coated Batt. The joint between the Ablative Coated Batt and the pipe insulation must be pointed with the FIREPRO Sealant. Where the pipe has been thermally lagged with a combustible insulation, this must be cut away and replaced with the ROCKWOOL insulation, as above. Ensure the integrity of any vapour control layer is re-instated as necessary. The joint between the Batt and Fire Sleeve or Fire Tube must be pointed with the FIREPRO Sealant.

Please note that Rockwool Firepro Ablative Coated Batts are not intended to be used as load/bearing seals.

  • Associated with the following NBS Create clause: 45-45-70/385 Mineral wool slab insulation
  • Has been tested to the dedicated fire resistance standard for penetration seals - prEN 1366-3;
  • Holds Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval.

 Rockwool Ablative Coated Batts Data Sheet

 Fire Stopping Technical Manual