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10mm Isocheck Expanda Strip 3/6 - an Expanding Tape - 6m roll.

10mm Isocheck Expanda Strip 3/6 - an Expanding Tape - 6m roll.

Thickness: 3mm
Width: 10mm
Length: 6000mm

10mm Isocheck Expandastrip 3/6 is a permanently elastic open cell Polyurethane foam, used as a seal in joints between pre-cast units, sealing around doors and window frames, or between corrugated roofing panels, roof structures and roof lights ventilation and air conditioning ductwork. It is impregnated with chemically stabilised acrylic and backed with a self adhesive scrim tape. Expandastrip once unpacked and applied will expand to fill the joint, including any irregularities or imperfections. Expandastrip is supplied on rolls compressed to one sixth of its original thickness and at its maximum expansion it will provide a light air baffle. At 25% expansion of its compressed thickness, Expandastrip can provide a weather tight seal against wind and driving rain. 



  • Acoustic sealing of gaps between floor and wall,
  • Weatherproof sealing around windows and doors,
  • Weatherproof sealing of profiled sheeting,
  • Weatherproof sealing of expansion joints,
  • Weatherproof sealing of prefabricated sections,
  • Air and dust sealing of domestic dwellings.