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12.5mm Knauf Performance Plus - High Performance Plasterboard 1200x3000mm

12.5mm Knauf Performance Plus - High Performance Plasterboard 1200x3000mm
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12.5mm Knauf Performance Plus - High Performance Plasterboard 1200x3000mm
  • Product Code: A1-2212
  • Delivery Time: 1 - 2 days
  • Brand: Knauf
  • (Tech. support: 08000304135)
  • Model and Size: 1200x3000mm - 3.60m2
  • Weight: 41.40kg
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12.5mm Knauf Performance Plus - High Performance Plasterboard 1200x3000mm

Width: 1200mm
Length: 3000mm
Board Coverage: 3.6m2
Density: 920kg/m3
Weight/m2: 11.5kg
Weight: 41.4kg
Thermal Conductivity: 0.240W/mK
Fire Rating (Reaction to Fire): A2(Limited combustibility)

12.5mm Knauf Performance Plus is a plasterboard with extremely high levels of sound, moisture, fire and impact resistance, ideally suited to schools, hospitals and commercial projects. It has a high-density core with added performance-enhancing ingredients. It is available in tapered edge profile. This high performance plasterboard includes solutions for elements of fire, moisture, vapour, sound, impact resistance, X-ray resistance and even temperature regulation.

  • High-performance plasterboard,,
  • Manufactured to EN 520 Types A, D, F, H1, I and R.
  • High recycled content up to 89%,
  • Simple and fast to install,
  • Easy to cut with a sharp knife,
  • Can be used with Knauf Metal Sections and accessories.
  • Suitable for external walls from inside and the underside of roofs and decks,
  • Suitable for areas, where high vapour resistance, fire resistant is needed.
Note: Cutting and sanding of plasterboard may generate excessive dust, which may irritate eyes or sensitive skin; it may irritate the respiratory system. It is better for the operator to wear non-restrictive clothing, especially avoiding constrictions at neck and wrist etc.

  • Compliance: EN 520, Types A and D,
  • Categorized as Gypsum Type X,
  • EN14190,
  • Complies fully with BS1230 Part 1 1985

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